Sunday, July 14, 2013

Walco Solutions- A leap to your future

Walco Solutions is a firm which offers a complete industry molding program to generate a future generation of creative and innovative Engineers for this country. We will convert the students from their theoretical learning culture in to real world engineering designs. We are the first and only Automation Engineering Institution in Cochin which provides technical training to the students from highly experienced and industry renowned personalities. 

Our major courses include:

  • Industrial Automation Engineer
  •   Marine Automation Engineer
  •  Automation System Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Automation and Embedded Engineer
  • Automation and Instrumentation Engineer

We will be introducing the following technologies in these courses:
  1.         Programmable Logic Controller(PLC)
  2.         Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA)
  3.        Human Machine Interface(HMI)
  4.        Variable Frequency Drive(VFD) 
  5.        Instrumentation and Panel Design
Besides our Institution have some unique highlight features:
  •   The only institution offering HART communication protocol in Cochin
  •   Practical classes and visits in Cochin shipyard.
  •   100% placement assurance
  •   Wi-Fi and Library access to all students
  •   Automation based  academic projects 

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