Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Walco Solutions-A path breaking innovation in Automation & Embedded sector

Walco Solutions is relevant on its unique courses, projects and motive to offer the best for students. A number of features like first internship programme n Kerala, only institution providing HART protocol training, industry oriented classes under the guidance of experienced personalities etc have already made us foremost in the field. 

We are continuously researching in the field to get more and more ideas as well as provide more quality courses and orientation sessions to the young tech generation. India, which was forefront in producing quality students and talents is lacking intelligent brains now. The prime reason for this was identified as the incapability of several institutions in having quality faculty and exposure to the practical world. Students who are taking an engineering stream are not at all dealing with the real world issues and because of the same reason they couldn't blend easily to an industry. This issue is evident in almost all engineering sectors with proof like lesser recruitment and increased drop down.

In this scenario, the role of a firm like Walco Solutions is very important. Students will be made aware of their real career orientation and will be given the industry moulding training in respective area of interest. We always think our students deserve more than what they are made availed right now. This thought make us to design more ways to impart quality education and knowledge in them. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Walco Solutions- Automation and Embedded Systems training

Walco Soluitons is a one stop shop in providing industry moulding training programs for graduates and students. We think our talented youth deserves more and its our responsibility to offer them quality education and right orientation. A student while undergoing his B.Tech/ B.E is just dealing with the technical sections of their respective branch. They need exposure, knowledge and work experience in practical or industrial sections too. Then only a candidate becomes a successful Engineer in all aspects. This is our motto and we follow this insight to provide quality courses to our candidates. We have been the R&D division of Walrus Marine and technical training division offering internship programme and training in Industrial Automation and Embedded Systems. The details in given below:

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Walco Solutions- A leap to your future

Walco Solutions is a firm which offers a complete industry molding program to generate a future generation of creative and innovative Engineers for this country. We will convert the students from their theoretical learning culture in to real world engineering designs. We are the first and only Automation Engineering Institution in Cochin which provides technical training to the students from highly experienced and industry renowned personalities. 

Our major courses include:

  • Industrial Automation Engineer
  •   Marine Automation Engineer
  •  Automation System Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Automation and Embedded Engineer
  • Automation and Instrumentation Engineer

We will be introducing the following technologies in these courses:
  1.         Programmable Logic Controller(PLC)
  2.         Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA)
  3.        Human Machine Interface(HMI)
  4.        Variable Frequency Drive(VFD) 
  5.        Instrumentation and Panel Design
Besides our Institution have some unique highlight features:
  •   The only institution offering HART communication protocol in Cochin
  •   Practical classes and visits in Cochin shipyard.
  •   100% placement assurance
  •   Wi-Fi and Library access to all students
  •   Automation based  academic projects